Archives 2024-03-30

A New Era for the AET Ecosystem: The Digital Human AIGC Platform Launch Event Successfully Held in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, March 28 — In an era marked by the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and the digital economy, the AET ecosystem has reached a historic milestone with the successful launch event of the AET Digital Human AIGC Platform. This significant occasion attracted elites from technology, finance, education, and other sectors, showcasing AET’s…

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Redefining Blockchain Value: The Rise of Tobacco Project

On a starry night, an unexpected conversation between two rich men inspired an unprecedented innovation and gave birth to a unique blockchain project – Tobacco. This project is not just a new asset, but an experiment in the nature of blockchain.Today, the blockchain industry is filled with excessive packaging and false prosperity, making it difficult…

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Bitcoin L2 Inscription token $BAOO reached 100% inscription in 3 minutes, with an increase of 1600% on LessGas

Breaking: Bitcoin L2 inscription token $BAOO was launched on the Bitcoin L2 inscription platform LessGas, and the inscription was completed in 3 minutes, with an increase of 1600%.LessGas is a Bitcoin L2 inscription platform based on the Bitcoin L2 MAP Protocol. It has currently launched more than 10 developer inscription projects, and more than half…

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